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We make it easy to get the information you need — whether that's about saving for retirement, investing your money wisely or helping ensure that you never run out of money.

The Financial Wellness Institute of America is a Certified B Corporation that partners with colleges, universities, small businesses and nonprofit organizations to offer free financial resources to people across the country. 

The financial educators behind the Financial Wellness Institute of America believe you shouldn't need an advanced degree to successfully manage your financial life. That's why we've pulled together a wide range of classes designed to help you solve your biggest financial challenges — in a fun, convenient way.

Our virtual "Wellness Challenge" gives you the opportunity to test your financial IQ in six major areas, including how to grow your income, preserve assets and be as tax-efficient as possible. Then, you can take a class or two — or more! — and learn how to make good, informed decisions about your money.

About Terry A. Dennis, RFC®, CFEd®

Founder & CEO, Financial Wellness Institute of America

A lifelong financial entrepreneur, Terry A. Dennis has been creating value and opportunity for his clients and companies for over 25 years.  After graduating college and a successful, award-winning career in financial services, Terry continues to serve as President of Dennis Financial Group in San Antonio, Texas. Concerned with the lack of financial education in America, Terry founded the Financial Wellness Institute of America.  This IRS recognized “B Corporation” focuses on financial issues effecting active and retired professionals aged 40+ and is the exclusive provider of all financial literacy and education for the University of Texas.  

Over the years, Terry has contributed financial content to over 400 media outlets worldwide and has been quoted by major media including ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC and CNN as well as being featured in Fox Business, the Wall Street Journal, CBS MarketWatch and Forbes.  Terry was also a featured guest speaker at the Global Economic Initiative event at the United Nations in New York City in 2015 and has co-written a Best-Selling® book with New York Times Best-Selling® author, Jack Canfield (author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series) called, “Soul of Success”. 

Terry is a strong supporter of orphanages and charities including: Wounded Warrior Project, World Vision, Habitat for Humanity, and Toys for Tots.  Terry believes in giving back and paying it forward.  His latest passion is helping the underserved people groups of the world receive the gift of mobility. He is a past Ambassador and Founders Circle member for www.freewheelchairmission.org, an international charity dedicated to giving the freedom of mobility through the gift of a wheelchair.  Through Terry’s involvement, FWM has given away over 1.1MM free wheelchairs in 93 countries worldwide. 

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I've found Terry to hold a lot of the values we hold. We found that important. We're on the same page and we respect that. 

He was so patient and kind with all the questions we had.

I was pleasantly surprised with the diversity that Terry brought to us. He knew what he was talking about from day one.

We don't have to be worrying about what the future will bring us.

I don't think anyone can give any more testament to his trustworthiness. I trust him implicitly.

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