Investing & Personal Financial Planning

This course offers a comprehensive overview of investment processes and how investing fits into one’s personal financial planning. In the first section, topics introduce the motivations and preparation associated with investing. You will understand why people decide to invest, how to determine your risk tolerance level, and how to calculate your net worth. Then you will be guided to develop a budget for the future and take steps to become prepared to begin implementing an investment strategy.

The second section covers the basics of investing and retirement savings vehicles. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are discussed, followed by employer-sponsored retirement plans. Another topic covers fundamental investment principles and how to compare options based on return on investment (ROI). The power of compounding interest – and how it can work either for or against you – is covered, and then the multiple factors that go into developing a solid investment plan. You will be introduced to various asset classes and how they may fit into a diversified investment portfolio.

The remainder of the course covers the various investment vehicles from which an investor may choose when developing a portfolio. Three topics cover the stock market: how it works, options for participating in the stock market, and stock market investment tactics.

The final three topics discuss the details, risks, and rewards of other possible investment vehicles: bonds, annuities, and real estate investments.