Learn, Live, and Retire Better.

Your guide toward financial freedom so you can enjoy life now and in the future.

Our 3 Goals For You


Navigate financial education in a solution-based and enjoyable way


Live stress-free now, knowing you’ve taken all the right steps


Retire with peace of mind and never outlive your hard-earned savings

Learn Better

Education is everything when it comes to your financial future, but with so much noise and material across the internet, where do you start? If you’re like many Americans, this thought has crossed your mind so you’re not alone.

Many Americans, especially those over 40, admit there are many things they don’t know about their retirement accounts. There are 3 approaches people take when it comes to their retirement and financial planning:

  1. The “fake it till you make it” approach where they pretend to have it all together with their family, friends, and peers. From the outside, everything seems great until it comes time for retirement and the facade disappears. That’s when reality hits and the grim future to come sinks in.
  2. The “clueless approach,” where they put off learning and use the complexity of financial education as an excuse to never take the time to learn. These people often never build up any kind of retirement accounts because they choose to do other things instead of learning to take responsibility for their financial situation.
  3. The “learn and burn approach.” This is where you likely fall if you’re still reading at this point. The learn and burn approach to financial education is home to the people that have taken control of their financial future and value learning and action as keys to their financial futures. We like to say that when you take the time to LEARN then you can BURN your list of worries, stresses, and anxieties since you’ve taken action!

Live Better

Making the decision to LEARN BETTER

allows you the freedom to LIVE BETTER since you won’t have to worry about your financial future. Preparation leads to peace of mind, and peace of mind leads to a happier life! The time between learning and retirement can be the happiest time of your life or the most stressful time of your life, but by taking the time to LEARN BETTER you’ll take the guesswork out of your retirement planning and enjoy the time leading up to your retirement. 

Retire Better

When retirement rolls around, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy life knowing that you’ve prepared along the way. At the Financial Wellness Institute of America, we help you Learn, Live, and Retire Better by providing the most comprehensive financial education program available. Take action and never outlive your retirement!

Of Retirees

About 78 percent of Americans are “extremely” or at least “somewhat” concerned about their ability to afford a comfortable retirement.

Of Retirees

The bulk of retirees say they rely on social security benefits to get by.

Of Retirees

Nearly half (46 percent) of adults have taken no steps to prepare for the likelihood that they could outlive their savings.


42% of people don't believe that social security benefits will be available to them when it comes time to retire.

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A Look Into Our Learn Better™ Portal

If you’re still reading at this point, we believe you’re serious about protecting your hard-earned money and retirement savings. Our Learn Better™ Portal is the place to learn more about the financial issues and options that affect you. We’ve outlined our 8 classes below so you can discover exactly what we can help you with!

1. Growth, Income, Taxes, & Paying For Healthcare

4. How The Stages Of Your Financial Journey Affect Growth Strategies

7. Social Security, Pensions, & Other Similar Income Streams

10. How Rising Healthcare Costs Could Affect You In Your Retirement Years

2. Maximizing Your Retirement Accounts

5. Understanding Your Risk Tolerance

8. Income Annuities

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3. Investment Vehicles

6. Preparing For Lifetime Income

9. Diversifying Your Income Streams

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